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October 29, 2018

5 Reasons to Rethink Retainer Services

As a small business owner, it’s easy to understand how overwhelming it can feel when you’re trying to wear multiple hats. Whether you’re a “solo-preneur” or a small but mighty team, it’s often hard to have an “expert” on staff for each individual need of your organization. In small businesses, the tasks of marketing, branding, and design are often first to get passed over, or funneled onto the desk of someone willing to take them on.  


If this sounds like you, consider exploring retainer services with third-party marketing or design professionals. Bringing on a partner, through retainer services, who has the knowledge and expertise to handle those “must-have” marketing tasks and help keep your marketing machine running can be a huge weight lifted for many small businesses.


So, what exactly IS a retainer?


It’s likely that most professionals will define the terms retainer services differently, but generally speaking, retainer services allow you establish a long-term relationship, often with a creative professional, to provide you regular deliverables (aka projects) at a flat cost (often paid monthly).


Whether this is the first time you have heard of retainer services, or it’s something you have considered but passed on in the past, we’re serving up 5 reasons to rethink retainer services for your business.



Long-Term Marketing Planning

When you hire a marketing or design professional on a retainer, that often comes with a strategy or planning session to help you align your marketing vision and goals. This is a  great time to outline tasks that you regularly need to complete and even to discuss items that you’d like to implement in the future, but haven’t had time to in the past.

Once you discuss your goals and task list, it will be easy to build out a schedule for monthly deliverables (like ads, content marketing pieces, social media management, and more) and then use extra time to work on more long-term projects like developing print and digital marketing resources to support your business.

Set your Level of Involvement

For some business owners, a major selling point of retainer services is being able to pass off the marketing and design work to a professional and to have little involvement, while others prefer to develop a collaborative relationship with a marketing or design professional that can help them bring their ideas to life.

No matter your preferred style of managing your marketing and design projects, you can define the terms of your retainer contract to meet your specific needs and expectations, allowing you to be as hands-on, or hands-off, as you’d like to be.

Brand Continuity

One of the biggest benefits for small businesses is developing an ongoing relationship with a designer or marketing professional to manage the look and feel of your brand across all mediums.

Instead of outsourcing projects to various people, who will provide different interpretations of your brand, you can have a professional on speed dial who you know has a deeper understanding of your brand, your target audience, and your goals and delivers consistent and cohesive work on a set schedule.


Knowing your costs and balancing your budget is top-of-mind for most small business owners. When you establish a relationship with a creative professional for retainer services your monthly price will be set for the length of your contract, with the exception of additional project requests or overage hours.

This means that you can budget that set amount monthly and can plan ahead for extra projects, if the need arises, and you don’t have to worry about surprise costs or extra fees.



YOU help define the scope of work

When you’re ready to establish a contract for retainer services, most creative professionals offer a variety of ways to define the scope of work that will be completed for you each month.

Some offer “hours” which allow you to purchase a block of time to use for whatever you need over the course of the month, while others offer a set price based on a list of deliverables that will be due to your organization each month, or possibly even a combination of the two.


Regardless of how you choose to define your scope of work, you are able to pick a setup that works best for your specific needs and budget to ensure that your marketing task list is finally getting the attention it deserves!


If you think retainer services might be a great fit to fill that marketing void in your organization, we’d love to chat with you about how to up-level your marketing approaches! You can read more about our retainer services options, or contact us today with your specific questions!


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